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Oftentimes basements will flood due to a clogged main sewer line—the large pipe leading from your home under your yard to the municipal sewer system. If this main pipe is fully clogged, waste will not be able to flow from your home, leaving water and sewage to back up in your basement. Usually the clog consists of sanitary products or roots from growing or mature trees that have worked their way into your sewer line. Electric cabling is the first step in unclogging the drain and fixing this problem.

How Electric Cabling Works

Electric cabling uses a rotating cutter head attached to a stiff cable to punch a hole directly through blockage in your drain, helping to unclog it. One of our technicians will push the cable through your main sewer line, usually through a clean out in the basement, until a hole is made in the clog where the water can be drained. We then use other methods to ensure your drain will stay clean, but we must have some water flowing through the system before we can begin. Our technicians may also use an electric cabling, on a smaller scale, to clear smaller drains in your home or office, such as a clogged kitchen sink or shower drain.

Electric Cabling Pros and Cons

Electric cabling is only the first step when your basement is flooded or drain is clogged. It can provide immediate relief for a flooded basement or sink, but cannot restore 100% water flow, which is why this method is ultimately a temporary solution. It cannot fix a fully collapsed or majorly shifted sewer line, but it is the only option for unclogging a fully clogged drain and flooded basement — aside from digging out the entire pipe.

For Flooded Basements and Clogged Drains, Think Levine & Sons!

If your basement is flooded, your drains are running slow or you would like to have preventative maintenance performed on your main sewer line, give Levine & Sons a call. With 80 years of experience, we have been cabling drains and releasing clogs long enough to get it done right. Not only do we fix the problem at hand, we also instruct you on how to keep it from happening again.

At Levine & Sons, we get the job done right the first time.

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