What are common plumbing problems?

Common plumbing problems are running toilets, drippy faucets, leaking pipes, and clogged drains and sewers. Many of these items are directly related to use. This means that over the course of time you will repair your kitchen faucet more often than a rarely used faucet. You will repair your master-bath toilet more often than the basement toilet. Regular maintenance and some preventative measures will extend the life of all your plumbing fixtures. Chlorine will break down rubber and other sealants in your toilets and faucets. Whole house water filtration systems will remove the chlorine from city provided water. Thus extending the life of those fixtures. It is also healthier for you to not ingest the chlorine. High blood pressure is not good for the human body just like high water pressure is not good for your plumbing system. The pressure will shorten the life of every fixture in your home or business. Installing pressure reducing valves and expansion tanks will help to solve high water pressure problems.

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