How do I replace my toilet?

  • (1) Shut off water supply to toilet
  • (2) Disconnect supply line to toilet
  • (3) Flush toilet and plunge out excess water from the bowl
  • (4) Loosen the bolts that connect the toilet to the floor
  • (5) If toilet is caulked, but the seal with a razor knife
  • (6) Pull toilet off floor
  • (7) Clean off old wax off toilet flange and floor
  • (8) Check flange for cracks
  • (9) Install new was seal and toilet bolts into flange
  • (10) Install toilet bowl (making sure toilet bowl settles into the wax).
  • (11) Tighten down toilet bolts. Make sure it is tight enough to hold bowl into place but not too tight where you may crack the porcelain
  • (12) Install toilet tank
  • (13) Reattach supply line
  • (14) Restore water flow to toilet
  • (15) Flush several times checking all connections for leakage
  • (16) Trim toilet bolts down and cover with decorative caps that are provided
  • (17) Install toilet seat
  • (18) Caulk base of toilet to the floor

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