My Water Line is Clogged What Do I Do?

When you do not have water flow in your home, you need to first determine where the problem starts. For example, you may only have no flow to one faucet or you may have no flow to your entire home. If the problem is isolated to one faucet, you need to unscrew the Aerator (the tip of the faucet with the screen) and remove any debris that has built up. If there is no debris or if your problem is in a general area of your home, then you need to make sure that all emergency shutoff valves are open and operating. Sometime the valve may fail and close on its own. If your piping is galvanized, then it is most likely deteriorating from the inside and restricting flow (just like plaque building up in the arteries). In that case you would need a repipe of those affected sections. If you have no water to your home, you need to make sure the main water shut-off valves are open and operating. If they are, then you should call your city to determine if there is a problem with the supply.

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