How to replace a garbage disposal

  • (1) Unplug current unit
  • (2) Disconnect the drain trap (make sure to put bucket underneath!)
  • (3) Loosen the clamping ring (this hold the disposal to the disposal flange)
  • (4) Remove disposal
  • (5) Remove split ring (this hold flange to top of the sink).
  • (6) Remove flange
  • (7) Clean old putty from sink
  • (8) Install new flange using putty for stainless steel, cast iron, and china sinks and silicone for most others.
  • (9) Install upper retaining bracket with retaining split ring
  • (10) Tighten screws down in an alternating fashion
  • (11) Hang new disposal making sure to lock into place
  • (12) Reconnect drain lines and plug in electrical.
  • (13) Fill up sink and run unit checking for leaks

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