What’s the best way to clear a clogged drain?

For small drains, such as sinks and toilets, plunging is your first step. There is a potential for the clog to be pushed further into the drain, rather than actually breaking it up. If the plunging method is unsuccessful or if you need to clear a larger drain, such as a floor drain, stack drain or a main line you may need to try a different method. Plumber snakes or drain augers can help break a clog that’s located deeper into the drain. We typically use a drain cable machine, which uses a rotating head attached to a cable to punch a hole directly through the drain blockage. This method can be used on a smaller scale for other drains, such as kitchen sinks and shower drains. However, this type of machine and method should only be used by professionals. If you have a clogged drain that you cannot seem to break up, call Levine & Sons for help! We will have your drain unclogged in no time and can help advise you on how to avoid such clogs in the future.

There are steps you can take in order to avoid clogs in you home’s drains:

  • Stay away from store-bought drain cleaners that can be harmful to your family’s health as well as your pipes.
  • Instead, create homemade, natural drain cleaning products.
  • Do not put things down the drain, such as, food remnants, eggshells, grease, fruit pits, seeds, coffee grounds or actual garbage!
  • Utilize drain screens to ensure items are not going down the drain.

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