Going Green?

Going Green Options

These days there are many options for “going green” in your home, office or place of business. Plumbing and heating appliances have changed drastically in the last ten years, giving the consumer room to choose the right products for the earth and their wallet.

Over the long run, these products will undoubtedly save you money on utility bills. Some cost slightly more at the outset, like a high efficiency furnace, but they end up paying for themselves over the lifetime of the product.

Green Plumbing

Low Flow Shower Heads – A low flow shower head uses less water (and perhaps more importantly, less hot water) in the shower—one of the most water resourcing appliances in your home. Within the last ten years these shower heads have taken advantage of innovative engineering, becoming more reliable and efficient. You won’t even notice a difference in pressure, but you will certainly notice a difference in your gas bills.

High Efficiency Toilets

We highly recommend high efficiency toilets for customers interested in going green. They use less water with each flush, saving you money and wasting less water with limited drawbacks.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is a little thing that can do a whole lot of good. Just like insulation in your walls, pipe insulation helps keep hot and cold temperatures where you want them, saving both energy and money. In addition, if you ever have problems with frozen pipes, pipe insulation could prove to be an inexpensive, but temporary fix.

High Efficiency Water Heaters

While high efficiency water heaters can get pretty costly, they ultimately help save hundreds of dollars per year.  They also have the potential to eliminate the need for a chimney by providing sidewall ventilation. There are many options available, so choosing one that’s right for you should not be a problem.

Water Purification

Disposable water bottles are one of the great polluters of our time. Made from oil, they waste energy being transported around the world and are clogging landfills globally. Water purification makes bottled water obsolete by providing you with clean, filtered H20.

High Efficiency Furnaces and Boilers

Like high efficiency water heaters, high efficiency boilers and furnaces cost a bit more at the outset, but save considerable money in the long run.  In fact, they typically end up paying for themselves in just a few years. In addition, they vent out through your sidewall, eliminating the need for a chimney.

Green Air Conditioners

Two-stage air conditioners reduce energy use and cooling bills by operating at a lower capacity when full power is unnecessary. When less cooling power is needed, two-stage air conditioners provide the right amount of energy for the job.

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