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Your furnace is like a blow dryer: while it heats the air in your home, it removes the moisture as well. This lack of moisture can cause annoying static electricity charges, nose bleeds, itchy or scaly skin, and dry throats. It also causes stress to the delicate items inside your home, such as paintings, musical instruments and antiques. Repeated drying and moisturizing—expanding and contracting—can cause the paint on delicate paintings to crack and peel, and wreak havoc on wooden furniture and other pieces of home decor.

Levine & Sons plumbing has many options to solve this problem. To keep the moisture in your home at an even, comfortable level, humidifiers can offer significant home heating savings because spaces generally feel warmer when there is more moisture in the air. Just think of a 90 degree day in Michigan with zero humidity compared to a 90 degree day with 90% humidity.  As we all know, the difference is significant. We have invested in hydrometers and other high tech equipment to allow for the testing of moisture levels in your home or office.  With these tools, we can provide the right solution for your specific situation.

Levine & Sons is happy to test for proper humidity levels in your home and can suggest the right method of whole house humidification for you. This includes low-cost and low-maintenance models. Each home and situation is different and we are proud to be able to provide an option for any home and heating setup.

For all of your heating, cooling and humidification needs, think Levine & Sons. We get the job done right the first time.

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