Underground Leak Detection

Levine & Sons uses the latest technology to save you money, work efficiently and provide less interruption to your life. An excellent example of this is our underground leak detection service.

Occasionally a leak will spring in a water pipe that is buried underground or is encased in concrete, such as a basement floor. These leaks can be costly, as they waste thousands of gallons of water a year, as well as damage the structural integrity of a home, office, driveway, sidewalk, etc. by eroding the area.

We’ll Find Any Leak

We can find leaks in any plumbing lines running underground or in concrete flooring using specialized infrared cameras or ultrasound equipment. In addition, our technicians will implement a method of pumping helium or nitrogen into the lines to help the detection process.

Using this system we can pinpoint the site of the leak. This keeps the excavation site smaller, reducing the interruption to your life and damage to the surrounding area. Most importantly, it reduces the cost of restoration and repairs for you.

Longevity and Service for Metro Detroit

For more than 80 years as a family owned business, Levine & Sons has brought the Metro Detroit area the latest in plumbing technology to save our customers time, hassle and money. Since 1927 we have been providing only the best for our customers and our underground leak detection is no exception to this rule.

For any of your plumbing problems or preventative maintenance needs, call Levine & Sons today. We’ll roll out our Red Carpet service for you. Remember, when you call Levine & Sons, we get the job done right the first time.


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