2014 Public & Environmental Health Scholarship

For three generations, Levine & Sons plumbing, heating and cooling has served the Metro Detroit area. Levine & Sons plumbing was founded more than 80 years ago in 1927. They have seen—and fixed—every plumbing problem known to man, while over the years, watching the Metro Area grow and develop.

That said, Levine & Sons understands the growing public health risks around the world (specifically with regard to sanitation, or lack thereof) and strives to remain knowledgeable and active in helping to find solutions to these sanitation problems inherent in each local community, and of course those threatening the lives of billions abroad.  So where better to start than through the nurturing of young and determined students, passionate about solving the environmental and public health threats that face all global citizens.

For students interested in the environment, health, or both, few fields are more fascinating.  Environmental and Public health professionals engage in a broad and exciting range of activities—basic and applied research, surveillance and tracking, direct health protection efforts such as disaster preparedness and response, health education, patient care, policy support, infectious disease treatment and prevention, sanitation improvement research and more.

This scholarship will give three students working toward a degree in these fields the opportunity to relieve some of the financial burden inherent in the pursuit of higher education, in exchange for a genuine display of motivation to help solve the looming public & environmental health risks facing our planet today and in the future.


Eligibility Criteria:

·   Applicant must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in Public and/or Environmental Health

·   Applicant must have a minimum 2.8 GPA

·   Applicant must submit an official copy of their transcript.


Duration of Fund – One-time gift.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2014


1st place Runner-up Runner-up
$1,500 $750 $750


How to Apply:

To apply for the Public & Environmental Health Scholarship, applicants will visit the Levine & Sons website and submit the following:

·   Application form (includes two essay questions)

·   Official transcript


Essay Question:

In 1,000 words or fewer, please answer the following prompt:

1) Why are you interested in public and environmental health and how do you plan on applying your degree after you graduate?


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