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The Importance of Humidification in Your House

An often overlooked component of keeping a comfortable and well maintained home is the humidity level. Many times you may only notice the humidity level if it is considerably higher or lower than normal, but even small, seemingly insignificant changes in the humidity level in your home can affect your health and cost you money. In order to avoid the following problems, it is advised to hire a local plumber to annually check the status of your home humidity level.

Health Benefits of Humidifying Your Home at the Right Level

If the humidity level in your home is off, chances are that your body will notice, even if you do not realize it. If your home has a higher than normal humidity level, it is likely that mold and mildew will grow which is very hazardous for your health. Low humidity levels mean that the air in your home is too dry. Dry air can cause itchy, dry skin and even dry sinuses. It is possible for dry sinuses to manifest in a cough or cold, or even bloody noses. A low humidity level is also optimal for bacteria and virus growth, which can cause illness. All of these symptoms can be quickly resolved by having the humidity level in your home checked, and making adjustments.

Financial Benefits of Humidifying Your Home

If your heating or cooling bills have gone up but you have not noticed a difference in the temperature in your home, it is possible that your humidity levels in your home are off. In our hot Michigan summers, your humidity level might be too high if you just cannot seem to keep the house cool and the air conditioner is constantly running. In the winter, if you are often cold, the heater is always on and you cannot feel the warmth, it is possible that the humidity level is too low. A plumber can do a quick check on the humidity levels in your home and make adjustments that will lower your bills and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Potential Problems Caused by Too Much Dry Air in your Home


Dry air causes a higher than normal level of static electricity. During Michigan’s already dry winter, a low humidity level in your home can cause unwanted, somewhat painful static shocks. These shocks are particularly damaging to electrical equipment in your home, such as computers and gaming systems. Dry air is also hard on the structure of your home; excessively dry air can create gaps in wood floors or furniture, and can cause wallpaper to come unglued at the seams and corners. Additionally, houseplants often struggle in very low humidity environments, and pianos often sound flat if they are stored in a dry area.

To avoid these potentially costly consequences of having non-optimal humidity levels, call a plumber today. A quick trip to your home can address humidity issues, leaving you and your family safe and comfortable in your home.

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