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Is Urinating in the Shower OK?


George Costanza wasn’t the most honest man in the world, but everyone’s favorite loveable loser from the legendary sitcom Seinfeld was right about one thing.

Remember that episode where George was caught urinating in the shower at his health club? A fellow member who caught the act threatened to tell management and have George kicked out of the club. Who can blame him? George’s act was despicable, especially since he was using a public shower.

But what if George was showering in the privacy of his own home?

When explaining his “sticky” situation to Jerry, Elaine and Kramer, George had a very eloquent explanation for why he thought it would be OK to “go” in the shower:

“I saw a drain…it’s all pipes! What’s the difference?”

While George’s defense could use a little work, he’s technically right. In nearly all cases, most house drains are linked to a single piping system. This means that water, urine and other…stuff…exits your home through the same pipes.

So technically, peeing in the shower isn’t a huge deal in terms of plumbing. And since urine is generally sterile and nontoxic (unless the person urinating has a disease) it’s not even that unhealthy.

While we’re not advocating that you pee in the shower – especially when using a public facility – it probably happens more often than you think. And if you guessed that men are the sole violators of this unsavory act, you’re wrong! In 2009, Glamour asked nearly 1,000 women if they have urinated in the shower and 75% admitted they have.

So next time you feel that urge to “go” while showering in your own home, don’t hold back. It’s bad for the kidneys! Take a page from the George Costanza book of shower etiquette and just let ‘er fly. What’s the worst that could happen?

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