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Double Trouble? Toilet Situation Raising Eyebrows in Sochi

The Olympics are about international unity, provincial pride and the pinnacle of athletic achievement. But with a few days to go before the games, and the international media packing into host city Sochi, Russia, the conversation among some has been less about the teams and more about the toilets.

Imagine the following situation: You’re at a crowded restaurant when suddenly you get the urge to go. You head over to the men’s room and attempt to access the single stall. Occupied. “Crap,” you say. “This is an emergency!”

You have two choices:

A)   Wait for the occupant to finish his business.

B)   Use the toilet in the same stall, about 6 inches next to the stranger.

In Sochi, this is a real option. They’re called dual toilets – or double toilets – and they’re all the rage in Russia. On Tuesday, a pair of Olympians was photographed using the toilets (fully clothed in athletic gear), bringing exposure to this unparalleled bathroom experience.

Now, we know what you’re wondering. If there are two toilets in one stall, how many toilet paper dispensers are there? Rest assured, there are TWO of them, making double toilets a perfectly viable alternative to the traditional bathroom experience in the United States (if we ever reach that point as a society).

While the double toilets are more comical than anything, there’s another photo making rounds across the Internet that might draw more appall than laughs. Not a coincidence, it also takes place in a Sochi stall.

The sign hovers above a waste basket in the stall and says the following:

“Please do not flush toilet paper down the toilet. Put it in the bin provided”

A sign like that would seem to indicate plumbing problems are afoot in Sochi. Not to speculate, but local and national officials might be concerned the plumbing system isn’t equipped to handle the influx of people currently stationed in the small city.

While we can’t speak to the situation in Russia, we can say this: If your toilet is on the fritz in Detroit or Metro Detroit, and you’re tossing your toilet paper in a waste basket as a result, call Levine & Sons. Our trained technicians will get your toilet back up and running.

How do you feel about the toilet situation in Sochi, Russia? Fun adventure or wild inconvenience? Post your comments below.

*Photo credit: Associated Press

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