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3 Signs You Should Call a Plumber

1.) Slow drains – a slow drain is a sign of a partially plugged pipe. Have the pipe cleared now to prevent a complete blockage and possible overflow, which will create a mess to clean up. You may be tempted to use a drain cleaning product that you see advertised on television. The liquids and gels are caustic. In severe blockages they may sit on the bottom of your pipe and actually eat through the pipe, which can cause leaks and damage to your home.

2.) Is your hot water not hot enough or are you not getting enough hot water? This could mean your water heater needs some maintenance.  Sediment that builds inside the tank can impede the burner’s ability to heat the water to its proper temperature.  In this case you need to flush out the water heater.  Lukewarm water could also mean you need your “dip tube” replaced.  This is a plastic tube that carries cold incoming water down to the bottom of the water heater where the burner is located.  If the dip tube is disintegrated, cold water will be at the top of the heater where your piping draws water from.

3.) Your home’s water should be clean and clear. If you notice any color or odor you have a problem on your hands. Cloudy or white water shows that you have air in your pipes. Yellow, red or brown water shows that you have rust, sulfur and/or iron. Water that smells could mean bacteria buildup in the water heater or some other type of contamination getting into your fresh water supply.  If you notice any of these colors or smells in your water DO NOT DRINK OR BATHE in the water. Call a plumber or your local township health department to help resolve the issue.

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