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5 Plumbing and Maintenance Tips for Summer

1.) Summer means more time spent outside, which also means more dirty clothes. Make sure to check your washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks or cracks and regularly remove dryer lint.


2.) During the humid summer weather, your ductwork may sweat and create condensate. This “sweat” can cause a backup if the drains are not clear.  Leaks in the seams will cause condensation.  If you have a unit located in an attic space, be sure there is no water in the drain pan.  Otherwise it will overflow and leak onto your ceiling.


3.) When planting new trees, be careful. Tree roots will destroy your plumbing system. If you’ve recently planted a tree, check to see if there is water oozing out of your lawn or if the water pressure is unusually low.  If you have mature trees already in your yard, a video inspection of the sewerline will let you know if the tree’s roots are causing any damage.


4.) Summer barbeques are great, but all that greasy food can clog your drain. Give your kitchen sink drain some extra attention. Rinse the system with hot water and a squirt of dish soap. This will help to wash accumulated grease down the line.


5.) During warmer weather, you are likely to use more water than any other season. Switching to low flow toilets, faucets, and hoses can help reduce the water bill.  And if your community allows for rain barrels, this can save you hundreds of gallons of water that can be used on grass and outdoor/indoor plants over the course of the summer.

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