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5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water 

  1. Water is not only the healthiest beverage on the market but it is the least expensive. I t also comes in many more options and flavors than you may have imagined.
  2. Comfort water- If you aren’t ready to take the “plunge” into plain, cold, water- try squeezing a lemon or heating up your water first.
  3. Sip not gulp- As gulping tons of water down at once is not the most ideal way to drink water, invest in straws so you are able to easily sip your water, or even buy a water bottle with a built in straw!
  4. Store your water in convenient places- place a water bottle in your car cup holder or on your desk at work. While this seems simple, having water near you and convenient makes you inclined to drink more water.
  5. Fill up at dinner- before sitting down to eat dinner place a full glass of water down with your food. The more you sip in between bites the more you will enjoy your food and will help with your water intake.

Try different types of water if you get bored with drinking regular tap water throughout the day.  There are different types and brands of water you can try, for example: mineral water, sparkling, flavored or smart water, Evian, Ice Mountain, etc.

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