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6 Tips for Masking the Smell After Pooping

We all use the bathroom and unfortunately we all  create unpleasant smells.  Follow the steps below to help prevent embarrassing situations at parties or even to just keep the peace with your beloveds.

1. Spray perfume or air freshener before- and after- using the bathroom. Sometimes this is all you need to mask the smell of “lighter” odors.

2. For “heavy duty” smells you may need to fire.  If available, light a candle, if available, and if it’s safe, keep it lit after you leave. At a minimum, if you have a match light it and place it in the toilet before flushing.

3. If fire is not available, fill the sink with hot water and put a small amount of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. in the sink. Splash the mixture around and let it permeate the air.

4. While the toilet is flushing take soap and squirt it in the bowl ideally when there is little to no water in it.

5. Close the Toilet lid before you flush. Containing the smell in the actual toilet prevents the room from becoming too smelly.

6. The best way to clear the air, is to open a window!  Just crack it open if its winter time so that the cold air does not damage any bathroom piping.

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