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Top Odd Items Recovered in drains

Levine and Sons technicians have seen it all (well almost). Our Top 3 Drain clog stories are:

1) We received a frantic call from a longtime customer who needed us to come out immediately.  He would not say why, only that he had an emergency.  We arrived within the hour and had quite a request.  This older gentleman was getting ready for a blind date.  He took out his fake eyeball to clean it and accidentally dropped it down the toilet!  Luckily, we were able to retrieve the eyeball in the trap of the toilet and he was able to make his date on time!

2) We were called out because this customer had just purchased a new home.  He used the toilet in an out-of-the way bathroom in the basement.  He could not get the toilet to flush.  While the toilet was real and the water lines to the toilet were real, the drain system was fake.  Why would this be?  It turns out the home was purchased through a government drug seizure auction and the former owner used the fake drain line as a hiding place for large quantities of illegal drugs.  This was one place the authorities never looked!

3) This customer’s sewer line was in such bad shape that we had to dig up her yard and replace the main sewer line from her house to the City sewer.  During the excavation process we found bound in tree roots a diamond ring.  We brought the ring to our customer and she broke down crying.  It turns out that 5 years before, in an angry moment with her husband (soon-to-be Ex), he flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. While that is bad enough, this ring was originally her grandma’s, then her mother’s, then hers. After a thorough cleaning, she is now able to pass it down to her daughter. This was one customer who thanked the trees for destroying her sewer line!

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