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How to Prepare for a Power Outage

Unless your power goes out during the day, flashlights are a necessary to keep around the house in order to see during a power outage. Have lots of batteries stored, and if you can purchase the flashlights powered by you cranking it.

Keep a nice pile of non-perishable dry foods in a easily reachable spot. The food in your refrigerator will most likely spoil so try to eat those foods before eating the non-perishables. Keep bottles of water stored in your house, you cannot clean dishes with no power, plastic bottles are easily refillable and do not require washing.


Gather a few good quality coolers, which can hold a good amount of food. When your power goes out, take the ice out of your freezer and load it in the cooler, and then put your perishable foods inside. If you can get a few ice packs as well, keeping them frozen and ready for a power outage will keep your foods even cooler. BONUS: If it is the wintertime clean snow is a easy material to pack at the bottom of your cooler to keep it cold.

Prepare Your House

The most important thing to do during a power outage is stay calm and comfortable. Depending on the season, the way you set up your house will determine how comfortable your home is. If your power goes out during the summer, keep your windows open (unless there is rain), if you have a battery-powered fan, run that as well. Keep one room with the windows covered to not let heat in; this room will serve as a nice space to keep cool. If your power goes out during the winter, open up your window shades but seal the window, let in as much sunlight as you can to try and heat up your house. Have many blankets in your house to stay warm during the night.

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