Livonia Plumber

Are you looking for a new plumber or heating and cooling specialist in the greater Livonia area? Has the number of professionals in the industry overwhelmed you, and now you’re having trouble selecting from the lot of them? You can finally rest easy knowing that there is one company that stands above the rest, and that company is Levine and Sons. With almost a century of experience in the industry, we’re more than proficient in all things plumbing, heating, cooling and the like. What sets us apart, though, is that we are a family run business, and, besides just that, we treat each and every one of our clients like a member of our family.

livonia plumber

When you’re in need of work on your home’s plumbing, heating or cooling systems, you don’t just want any old Joe Shmoe who can do the job halfway decent. Wouldn’t you feel a great deal more comfortable with someone who’s going to remember your name, treat you with dignity and respect, and, most importantly, someone who you will want to come back when another job presents itself? From generation to generation, Levine and Sons has upheld a gold standard in not only technical precision, but also in unparalleled customer service. That’s why our customers keep calling us back.


So, whenever you’re in need of heating, cooling or plumbing work done on your home, you know that Levine and Sons is here for you. No matter what the problem is, we’re here for you, and we’ll make sure to remedy it quickly, effectively and personally, just as if we were doing a favor for a neighbor, because that’s just the way we’ve always done things. It’s a matter of common decency and good manners, and we just happen to be fortunate enough to have been instilled with those values. You just give Levine and Sons a call with any concerns, problems or troubles, and we’ll have the solution for you, and just the way you like it.