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Are you looking for a heating, cooling or plumbing expert in the greater Redford area? Have you already been given several suggestions from friends and family, but you’re just not sure which way to go? Well, if you’re looking for more than just a quick fix, but you want a company that will treat you like family and make future business a pleasure, then you want Levine and Sons! With expert knowledge of almost every aspect of a house’s inner workings, as well as customer service that will wow and amaze, you will wonder why you’ve been wasting time with any other plumbing or heating and cooling professionals.


You want to know that your heating and cooling specialist, plumber and drain and sewer technicians are all extremely knowledgeable, and when it comes to Levine and Sons, the knowledge has literally been passed down from generation to generation. From grandfather to grandsons, Levine and Sons continues to be a family run and operated business in the truest sense. Beyond just the technical expertise required to be competent and effective plumbers and technicians, our family operation stands apart because of the way that we include each and every one of our customers when we say family. Every customer becomes an immediately valued and respected member of our close-knit community, and we take great pride in that.


Don’t waste your valuable time with plumbers or heating and cooling specialists that can do the job, but who only look at it as just that: a job. Why not go with a family business that adopts you into our broad, respectful and loving family with every single installation, consultation and repair? So, when you’re considering who to call for your next plumbing, heating or cooling operation, don’t hesitate or worry, because Levine and Sons is here to provide you with the utmost in technical assistance and customer service with a truly human touch. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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