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Are you searching for a professional plumber nearby? Do you want a plumber who will not only make the necessary repairs in your home but also treat your residence with a personal touch of care and a friendly, neighborly attitude? If so, look no further than Levine and Sons! We are in your local community and ready to answer your call at any time of the day. We like to consider ourselves as your neighbor, and our team of highly trained plumbers are renowned not only for their technical know-how but also for their personable attitudes. We know plumbing problems can cause homeowners a lot of stress, so we do our best to repair your home and interact with you just as your own neighbor would.


Levine and Sons is a family owned business, and we’ve been servicing homes in southeast Michigan for over three generations. Our familiarity with the local community puts us a step above our competitors. When you need a plumbing problem solved, you don’t want some gruff stranger in a van to arrive, step into your home with muddy shoes, and make the necessary repairs without so much as shaking your hand, right? Wouldn’t you rather have a Levine and Sons plumber? Our team takes pride in being both highly skilled plumbing technicians as well as incredibly thoughtful guests in your home. From years of hardwork in the industry, we’ve perfected our Red Carpet™ service experience that our customers love.

Whether you have an overflowed toilet, leaky pipes, heating or cooling issues, water pressure problems, or any other issue in this vein, let us be the ones to take care of it. Our business model is based on family virtues, and we’ve been successfully operating for over 80 years now. For plumbing or heating and cooling repairs in your home, there’s simply no better option than Levine and Sons. Don’t waste time looking for the perfect plumber near you while your plumbing issues go unresolved. Give us a call, and one of our amicable plumbers will be out to your home in a jiffy.




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