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Birmingham Plumbing


Are you looking for a plumber who is not only technically proficient, but also has a way with people that is second to none? Do you reside in the great city of Birmingham, Michigan? If your answer to both of these questions was yes, then you have found precisely what you’re after. There is no better equipped or more genial plumbing company than Levine and Sons. When you not only need a plumber with knowhow, but you also want a plumber who you wouldn’t mind inviting into your home, you’re looking for Levine and Sons.


With three generations of plumbing under our belts, we can safely say that we know just about everything that there is to know about the trade. What they can’t teach you, though, but what we were fortunate enough to be ingrained with at a young age is called common decency. Some of our competitors seem to have forgotten about this little gem, or perhaps they were simply not as fortunate as we were to have had it bestowed upon us. It sure goes a long way, however, in separating the good customer service that Levine and Sons offers from the less than good service of our competition.


So, when you find yourself in need of a plumber in Birmingham, MI with not only the technical credentials, but also the humanity to match, you know that there’s no more complete plumbing company than Levine and Sons. We take our jobs as plumbers and as pillars of the community very seriously, and that’s why we are so committed to providing an absolutely unparalleled experience for our customers. If you need any plumbing assistance in the greater Birmingham area, then you need Levine and Sons.

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