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Keep These Items Out Of Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal provides a clean and effective way to clean up after those messy dinners. It flushes away all those little leftovers so you can get right to watching your favorite shows in a fraction of the time. But you can’t get too comfortable. Even your mighty garbage disposal is vulnerable to blockages if you keep putting it at risk. To protect your disposal and drain, avoid putting the following items anywhere near them:

Even a garbage disposal is not strong enough to protect your drain from the negative effects of eggshells. The shells will cling to other items stuck on drain walls and serve as another obstacle for future waste to try and avoid.

Coffee Grounds
Plumbers label coffee grounds as one of the leading causes for drain blockages in the United States. When they dissolve in water, they become grainy and difficult to pass through your pipes.

Obviously you want to keep your own bones clear of the blades, but we are talking about fish and chicken bones. Some disposals can handle the smaller kind, but they often get stuck. It is better to just avoid the hassle and dispose of these items in the trash.

Fruit Pits & Apple Cores
Have you ever tried to bite into an apple core? It isn’t fun and your disposal would rather you keep it away from it’s mouth too. Try and dispose of these items in your compost pile for richer soil.

Uncooked pasta and rice is made to expand when it comes into contact with water. If these items get put down your drain, what do you think is going to happen? They’ll expand, stick together and cause one expensive problem!

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