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Haunted Sounds From Your Furnace

With Halloween season in full swing, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about some in-home haunting– from your furnace! Have you ever experienced sounds that you know you shouldn’t hear? It isn’t a ghost that is banging around your basement, it’s your heating system and you need to address the problem immediately. Here are some sounds you might hear and some tips on how to silence them:

Scraping Noise
This is the sound you’ll get when you have pieces of metal rubbing against areas that they shouldn’t. These problems could be related to a loose attachment, which is no big deal. But often times this means that your blower belt is starting to go and that usually requires the help of a professional. The faster you address the matter, the more likely it is that a technician can come in and simply tighten the wheel.

Popping or Banging
These spooky sounds can mean one of two things:

  • Your furnace burners are working on a delay which causes too much gas to build up before it ignites. These mini explosions could crack your heat exchanger and that would mean costly problems for you. Never ignore these types of warning signs.
  • If you have metal ducts, these sounds might be common practice for you. When you turn off the blower and the ducts contract, they’ll make a popping sound as if you were denting the metal. You could call in a professional to see if you need to resize your ducts.

Squealing or Whistling
Again, these noises can be attributed to a number of different furnace related issues. The simplest one being that your filter is just too clogged and air is having trouble getting through. The next step up in terms of severity would be a loose or frayed blower belt. Like we said earlier, the faster you can address a blower belt issue, the better chance your unit has to survive.

If you couldn’t tell by now, furnace noise is a serious issue and it needs to be handled with care. Your attentiveness to maintenance can help, but at the end of the day some of these issues require the assistance of a Levine & Sons professional. If you live in the Southfield or Livonia area and want Red Carpet type service, there is only one company who can provide it.

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