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Sewers & Trees: What You Need To Know

Sewer line problems are never fun because of their complex nature. If a problem occurs, most companies need to dig and get to the pipe to evaluate the problem. This leaves your yard looking like a mining site and it can take a long time to get it back to normal. The best solution is prevention and while some problems are unavoidable, these tips can help reduce your risk:

General Information
Dealing with your landscape and your sewer can be difficult sometimes. You want your yard to be as visually appealing as possible, but you also want to avoid plumbing disaster. The most important thing to remember is the distance between sewers and where the tree is planted. Most experts recommend a distance of about 10 feet, but it also depends on the type of tree. To be safe, we suggest planting any new trees at least 15 feet from your main sewer line.

What You Should Plant
To keep sewer lines root-free, you need to be aware of how they grow. Willow trees for example, have very aggressive growth because they require a lot of water to survive. These trees should be planted at least 30-35 feet away from a sewer line if you want to be safe. Your more common trees like maples and oaks grow slowly, but over time their root systems can become massive. We would recommend planting trees like Japanese Maples and Crabapple’s because they have small root systems that don’t reach very deep in the ground.

Pipe Upgrade Options
Now that you know which trees to plant, you can also take strides to improve your sewer’s safety. Old sewer lines are usually made of galvanized pipe or clay and they are easy to crack. Once a small breakthrough occurs, it isn’t going to take long for the roots to expand and cause larger problems. PVC pipe is always better and an upgrade might just save you a ton on repairs.

At Levine & Sons, we use no-dig technology to repair damaged sewer lines. This means we can go in, evaluate the issue and solve the problem without digging up your garden. Whether it is for preventive measures or an emergency, sewer repair needs to be taken seriously. To get the best quality service, you’re going to have to call Levine!

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