The Benefits of PVC Pipe

The acronym PVC actually stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is the scientific term for a mixture of plastic and vinyl piping. Over the years, plumbers have started to recommend this type of pipe because of it’s durability and efficacy. If you aren’t already up with the times, keep reading to learn more about what PVC can do for you.    

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PVC Lasts the Longest
Even though PVC is the youngest of all the plumbing materials, it will outlast its competition by a substantial amount of time. The average lifespan of PVC is estimated to be around a century or more! Compared to copper (50 years), galvanized steel (40 years), and brass piping (60 years), PVC is off the charts. If you want long lasting reliability, PVC is the clear cut choice.

PVC Doesn’t Rust
PVC became popular because of it’s ability to prevent frequent plumbing disasters. Up until the late 1970’s, galvanized steel and copper were the industry standard and they weren’t cutting it. These materials tend to rot and corrode over time and lead to unexpected leaks and flooding. Experts suggest replacing galvanized systems with PVC systems, if they are more than 20 years old.

PVC is Flexible
While copper tubing might be physically stronger, PVC’s flexibility makes it last longer. It is more resistant to vibrations, water hammering and everyday abuse. It’s the same reason hockey sticks are now made of fiberglass instead of wood. Wood is physically harder and stronger, but fiberglass can bend and contort with the blows it takes.

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