A New Furnace: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Your old furnace is banging, screeching and whistling in the night. So much so, that you might even think the Polar Express is chugging down your driveway! Maybe it isn’t that loud, but if you are noticing problems with your current furnace, it is time you consider replacement. Take a look at these scenarios and determine if you should repair or replace your current heating unit.

furnace repair- heating contractor

Scenario 1: My furnace is 10 years old. I have already repaired the blower belt and now it is making a strange whistling noise. What should I do?

In this scenario, it might be best to have the unit replaced. On average, a furnace usually lasts anywhere between 10-15 years if it is maintained and serviced properly. Once a unit starts to need repairs, you have to look at the age to determine if the price is really worth it. Before you make any dramatic decisions, try to change the filter and provide lubrication to see if the whistling noise goes away.

Scenario 2: My heating unit is brand new, but my heating bills are out of control and it seems like I already need a repair. What should I do?

Unfortunately, this is probably related to a sizing problem with your furnace. The heating contractor you hired must have missed on his/her estimate and provided you with a unit that is either too large or too small for your home. In both scenarios, your unit will overexert itself to compensate for the abnormalities. This will force your unit to burn out faster and it will also increase your heating bill. You should call this contractor and let them know about their error and see if they are willing to reimburse you for their mistakes.

Scenario 3: I simply feel that my heating bills are increasing and nothing seems to be wrong with my furnace. What could be the issue?

There are multiple factors that come into play, but age and history of repairs is the most important. How old is your unit? What parts have you already had to service? If the answer to both of those questions is high, odds are you’re unit is just on it’s last leg. When this happens, it becomes less efficient and uses more gas/ electricity to heat the same amount of space. Units made after 2012 are substantially more efficient and they can pay for themselves over the course of their lifespan.  

At Levine & Sons, we put the customer first and we want to help you make the best decision for you and your family. If we come in for a maintenance check and notice repairs that need to be made, we will make this suggestion to you but never force a sale. If you haven’t already purchased a Furnace Tune-Up you should do so here.

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