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How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

The early stages of 2017 are going to be cold here in the Metro Detroit area, and you need to bundle up! That means wearing a coat, gloves, hat and anything else you might need to protect yourself from the elements. But did you ever think of bundling up your pipes too? They get cold just like you do and if they happen to freeze, costly problems could be in your future….

Freezing Areas

  • Exposed pipes in basement, garage or crawl space.
  • Outdoor plumbing (hoses, pools etc.)
  • Exterior Pipes

What Causes Frozen Pipes?
As we see the thermometer drop, the risk of frozen pipes only begins to rise. However, the pipes that run water to your sink or shower are not at the same risk as say a pipe that runs to your hose. That water is usually standing still, and it is just as likely to freeze as water in a calm lake or river. So you need to take extra care of the ‘freezing areas’ listed above and be sure to follow our insulation tips!

Insulation Tips

  • Head down to the local hardware store and purchase foam-rubber insulation, scissors and zip ties.
  • Slip the insulation over the pipe in the ‘freezing areas’ listed above. Make sure you press down when finished so that the adhesive hugs to the pipe.
  • Take the zip ties and wrap them around the insulation in multiple locations along the pipe. It’s that simple!

It might not seem like much, but insulating your pipes can help protect your system from potential disaster. Your plumbing system is interconnected, and if one part freezes, the entire system builds up pressure and it will eventually burst.

If you need help insulating pipes or repairing them, the Levine & Sons plumbing experts can help. Just call 888-538-4631 or click around on our website for more information!

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