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8 Plumbing & Heating Terms You Need To Know

While plumbing and heating are part of our everyday lives here in Michigan, many of us don’t know more than a plunger or a pipe. That’s not to say our experts don’t know, but the average homeowner is not well versed in the industry lingo. But we wanted to take the time out to go over a few key terms that could come up on our next visit to your home! 


Air Handler The air handler is the part of your HVAC system that is in charge of circulating the air throughout your home. If this breaks, you won’t feel the hot/cold air that your unit is producing.   

Forced Air System- A forced air system uses air as the heat transfer medium. This type of system comes with ducts and vents to distribute air throughout the home.   

Zoning This is a relatively new term in the heating and cooling world. Zoning allows you to heat certain rooms while you save energy in others. It brings the customization aspect to in-home heating.  

Heating Load- The ‘load’ is the amount of energy the unit has to produce to heat your home. The bigger the area, the bigger the load.


Hydro-Jetting- A method of drain and pipe cleaning that uses high pressure streams of water to remove buildup and debris in tanks and lines.  

Camera Line Inspection- This is the method new age plumbers use to diagnose sewer and drain clogs that they can’t see with the naked eye. A tiny camera is fed down the line and the clog is then projected onto the screen of the plumber.

GPM Gallons Per Minute. WaterSense rated products have to be below the required GPM by law and these products are both environmentally and economically friendly.  

Tankless Water Heater- Tankless heaters have been popular in Europe for years and they are just now starting to boom on the American market. They conserve water and energy and they ensure hot showers because of their on demand heating features.

These terms come up frequently on the job and our plumbing and heating experts know them like the back of their hands. Our special training methods and the countless certification tests they have taken have prepared them for any and all of your in-home repairs. So if you need a quick fix this weekend, you know who to call.

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