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Signs You Need a Sewer Replacement

Our plumbing systems are highly complex and a lot of the most important parts lie deep beneath the surface. Our main sewer lines lie beneath the surface, and for that reason, we often forget about them until problems arise. You might have tree roots infiltrating the pipe, or you might have been negligent about what you were feeding down the drain. Regardless of the reason, you can’t afford to ignore your sewer lines any longer!

Warning Signs

  • The toilet is often the first fixture that is affected. Their drains lead directly to your main sewer line and when that is backed up, nothing can get away from your in-home plumbing.
  • One way to catch this early is while you shower or wash your hands. If there is a sewer line clog, the toilet may gurgle or make noise while you are using these other fixtures. Do NOT ignore this!
  • As you may have guessed, sewage water isn’t very pleasant to smell and this foul odor usually indicates an issue. Water might also leak out onto your lawn if it is a serious issue and that can cause unbearable smells. The second your nostrils catch wind of this odor, you should call in the Levine sewer professionals.

Possible Solutions

  • Trenchless repair is the cleanest and most efficient way to repair sewer lines. A technician will come to your home and clean the existing pipe with water jetting or electric cabling to remove debris.
  • They will then send a video line down the pipe to make sure you are a worthy candidate for no-dig relining. If they feel you are, they’ll take exact measurements and set you up for a re-lining appointment.
  • We will custom fit the new liner in our shop and without digging up your lawn, our technicians will place it into your main line. They will then inflate the new liner with steam and it will fit to your walls, ensuring long-term safety from clogs!

Our technicians often do a no-dig sewer line repair as a preventative measure or immediately after repeated flooded basements. It is a permanent solution to any drain problems, and once it is performed, you will never have to think of clogged sewer lines again.

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