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Winter Water Saving Tips

The holidays are over, the temperatures are plummeting, and the reality of winter is starting to settle in. With a climate like Detroit’s, you need to be aware of some conservation techniques if you don’t want to spend a fortune on utilities this winter. The good news is, your friends at Levine & Sons have been in the plumbing business for awhile and we have some water conservation tips for you!

water conservation- plumbing repairs

Insulate Hot Water Pipes
Have you ever noticed that your shower takes longer to heat up on those cold Detroit mornings? This happens because your pipes are susceptible to the elements, and when your heater heats the water, the pipes need to warm up so they can keep it comfortable. But if you insulate them properly, the water will need far less time to heat up, thus saving you from running cold water while you wait for the warmth.

Drip Your Faucets
This might seem crazy, but it is actually a good precautionary measure to take in the freezing temperatures. If the water is still in your pipes, there is a greater chance for it to freeze. If you leave it on the slightest drip, the water will at least be in motion through the pipes and save you from costly pipe bursts.

Use a Shower Bucket
This tip is for the true savers! While your shower is taking the time to heat up, put a bucket underneath the faucet and catch that cold water so it doesn’t go to waste. You can then use that water to water your plants or clean the floors!

Brush in the Shower
We know you fear change, but this little trick could save you water and time in the morning. Take your toothbrushing supplies with you into the shower and brush while you’re inside. That way you don’t have to run anymore hot water to the sink and you kill two birds with one stone.

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