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The Origins of Modern Plumbing

We flush our toilets, we drain our drains and we wash our hands without giving a second thought about the technology that allows us to do this so effortlessly. Over the years, plumbing technology has advanced into a multi-billion dollar industry and plumbing contractors everywhere are trying to obtain as much of your business as possible. But what about before that? What about the times when having a toilet that flushed was a miraculous achievement? We are going to take you back there!

1700 B.C
The Indus River civilizations created the first sewage system on record. They used underground tunnels, wooden spouts and a grid system that was far ahead of their time.

312 B.C
The Romans invented the aqueduct system to carry fresh water into the capital city. At their peak, the aqueducts were carrying over 1 billion liters of water a day!

John Harrington, the godson of Queen Elizabeth, invents the first flushing toilet in England. The original toilet was called “The John,” and that nickname still stands today.

A cholera outbreak in England forces governments around the world to take sewage seriously. A year later, Chicago became the first American city to build a comprehensive sewer system.

The world’s first drinking water treatment systems are built in Massachusetts to reduce microbial contamination. The techniques they invented there are still in existence today!

Due to a copper shortage, plastic piping was invented as an alternative. Today, we refer to this plastic piping as PVC pipe.

Plumbing has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry that is only continuing to expand. The effort now is to make plumbing available for all of the world’s 7 billion people and we are taking strides everyday. Plumbing saves lives!

Now that you know the history of plumbing, we want to tell you where we fit in. In 1927, a man named Louis Levine started a little plumbing business to support his family outside of Detroit. Fast forward 90 years and we have kept that same business in the family. If you want honest, professional and quality plumbing service, you need to call Levine today!

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