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My Shower Doesn’t Get Hot!

The last thing you want on a cold Michigan morning is a shower to match the elements. That could just ruin the whole day! To fight the cold water shower, you’ll need to be able to diagnose the problems that might be causing it. Below, we discuss the three main causes of cold water showers and how to detect them:


Water Heater Problems
The first thing you’ll have to do, if faced with these problems, is check the water heater. Over time, water heaters can wear down just like anything else and this will cause them to malfunction. If your water never gets hot, there could be an issue with the temperature control and this is a relatively easy fix. But if your water heats up and then cools quickly, it could be a gas problem or a sign that your water heater needs immediate repair or replacement.

Poor or Absent Pipe Insulation
It’s fairly easy to diagnose when your shower issues are related to pipe insulation. If your water takes a long time to heat up in the colder months, you are going to have to insulate the pipes that lead to your shower. The metal or PVC pipe you use will cool down with the temperature and if you don’t insulate, that hot water will be several degrees cooler when it gets to your shower. This is a simple fix and you can check out our blog for insulation tips!  

Faucet Issues
You can test to see if there is a problem with your particular showerhead by running other faucets in your home. If the sinks and other showers don’t seem to have the same problem, it is likely a problem related to your aerator or the pipes leading to that shower. An experienced plumber can easily detect these types of problems.

Here at Levine & Sons, we have been fixing water heaters, insulating pipes and repairing damaged fixtures since 1927. That type of experience and family history gives us great pride in what we do and we would love to show you our talent and professionalism.

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