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5 Facts About the City of Detroit

Levine & Sons has grown up with the city of Detroit and we have been apart of it’s history since 1927. But before us, Detroit was best known for it’s contributions to the automobile industry during an economic boom in America. As time goes on, Detroit has it’s ups and downs, but we stick together and always come out stronger. Here are some fun facts about our great city of Detroit!


  • The Great White North- Did you know that Detroit is the only city in the United States where you can look south upon Canada?  Sitting on the 42°N longitude, Detroit is one of the most northern cities in all of the United States.
  • Chip Champions- Potato chip companies have actually dubbed Detroit the potato chip capital of America. Detroit citizens eat around seven pounds of chips annually, while the national average is only about four pounds.
  • Don’t Be Salty- The sewer gators of Detroit must like their food salty, because there is a whole mess of it beneath the city. 1,200 feet below the surface, a 1,500 acre salt mine was built by the Detroit Salt Company many years ago. You can get to the mine on Sanders Street and it truly is a spectacular thing to see.  
  • Float Your Boat- Detroit is also home to the only floating post office in the United States. The J.W Wescott office started as a maritime reporting agency for cargo ships in the Detroit river. In 1948, it became a full fledged post office and it even has it’s own zip code– 48222.
  • Nothing Wrong With Silver- Next to New York City, Detroit has the largest theater district in America. There are over 13,000 seats in a two block radius and performers come from all over to grace these stages. It’s not quite the Big Apple, but it can hold it’s own against just about anyone else.

We handle anything from plumbing repairs to heating installations and our track record speaks for itself. We aren’t as popular as Eminem, but we would like to consider ourselves Detroit’s second favorite sons. Our experience and commitment to customer service keeps us in business, and we would love to continue doing business with you today.

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