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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Your furnace helps warm you up on those cold winter days, but what if it was doing the exact opposite? What if your furnace was blowing cold air and you had no idea how to stop it? Fortunately for you, that is a thing of the past and now you’ll know exactly where to look the next time you feel cold air.

Problem #1: Thermostat Settings
A large portion of HVAC problems that we respond to are simple alterations to a thermostat’s settings. Homeowners often make the mistake of setting their thermostat to ON in the winter in the hopes that they will have constant warm air. But this is not what happens. When it is set to on, your fan will constantly be blowing, even when the air is at your desired temperature. This will make it feel like the registers are blowing cold air when they really aren’t. Try setting it to AUTO and see what happens.

Problem #2: Overheating
This is a common problem for people who have ignored their furnace air filters. When they become clogged with dust and debris, the filters can no longer pass air through them which causes the unit to work harder to produce heat. When it overexerts itself, the heat exchanger could become damaged and this is an expensive fix. Try changing your filter immediately and see if you notice a difference.

Problem #3: Flying With No Pilot
If it isn’t your filter or thermostat, the pilot light is most likely the issue. You could try resetting it and see if the flame stays lit which would be great! If that doesn’t work, make sure your gas valve is turned ON, but DO NOT play with it. You shouldn’t try to handle gas related problems on your own because of the dangers that come with it.

We have been through decades of winters at Levine & Sons and we have seen it all at this point. We can solve any furnace problem you might have, from commercial to residential and anywhere in between.

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