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Fame, Fortune, Plumbing?

The daily grind of pipes, water and welding is not for everyone. It takes a special person to be a plumber and we know this all too well at Levine & Sons. Many try, many fail, and then there are others who truly love and appreciate the nature of the work. But we would be lying if we said we wouldn’t trade this life for a life of fame and fortune– which is exactly what these four special plumbers did. Maybe you have heard of them?

Albert Einstein
Einstein was quoted saying that if he could do it all over again, he would become a plumber. Imagine what that brain could have done for our industry? When you really think about it, it does take a pretty smart man/woman to think on your feet the way a plumber has to every single day.

Ozzy Osbourne
Before he became the lead man for Black Sabbath, Ozzie was a plumbing apprentice in England. He did that for about three years while practicing his music on the side. While plumbing is a great career, we’re not sure it compares to the life of a Rock Star.

Michael Caine
Yes, Alfred from Christopher Nolan’s renditions of the Batman series can also repair a faulty toilet. After serving in the British army during the Korean War, Caine went looking for work and stumbled across the plumbing profession. Similar to Ozzie, he worked as an apprentice for a number of years before realizing his gifts on the big screen.

Mario & Luigi
These Nintendo superstars came to us over thirty years ago and they take the crown as the most famous plumbers in the world. We don’t know if they’ve ever fixed a faucet, but they sure can collect coins and fight off killer turtles!

Here at Levine & Sons, we don’t have any famous plumbers on staff, but we love them anyway! Our dedicated team attends training seminars and we make sure they are equipped with the best tools the industry has to offer.

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