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When is the Best Time to Start Spring Preparation?

This might seem ludicrous with the snow we just received, but believe it or not, Spring is coming. Once these colder March days start to turn into April showers, the temperature will start to rise as well. But when is it time to shut down your furnace and turn on your central air conditioning? Well, there’s no exact science, but we can tell you that it is better to start preparation too early rather than too late!

AC Installation
Installing a new air conditioner is no easy task. We need to consider the ‘load’ that your unit will need to produce and then adjust accordingly. If we overshoot the load, your unit will be operating too powerfully for your electrical system and it could cause outages. If the unit isn’t powerful enough for your home, it will overexert itself and burn out prematurely. That is why calling in a Levine & Sons technician for ALL installation needs is highly recommended. It’s not a job you should try on your own.

AC Repairs
You could have had some issues with your unit last year and put them off until the next cooling season. Well, that season is approaching fast and you want to make sure you get that unit fixed before the first hot day. When we arrive to analyze the problem, our team will recommend a fix, but we won’t perform any work without your approval. We NEVER want to charge you for a service that you don’t need.

Furnace Shutdown
Your furnace or heating system should not be put at a stand still until it is time for them to heat up again. You should be removing the filters and inspecting the unit for any items that are out of place. If you’re feeling really responsible, call in a Levine & Sons technician and let them give your unit the go ahead for next heating season.

The Michigan Spring could not come soon enough as this winter has teased us with warm days and then blizzards seemingly all in the same week. We’re in the home stretch and here at Levine & Sons, our team is ready to get you set for cooling season.

To schedule air conditioning service, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or click around on our website!


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