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Quick Ways to Effectively Clean Your Shower

The shower is there to help us clean off, but who cleans the shower when he/she gets dirty? The correct answer is you, and the way you clean your shower really matters! You can’t afford to just take a sponge and give it a wipe down every so often. You need a good game plan and a cleaning schedule that works for both you and your shower!

  • A Dry Shower?- Keeping your shower dry is actually the key to fighting mold and maintaining cleanliness. How do you keep a shower dry you might ask? You should be using a Squeegee to wipe off water after each shower and crack a window for 20-30 minutes after the shower.
  • Alter Your Bath Products- Using opaque bar soap leaves behind soap scum and stains that are difficult to clean. Switching to gels or any kind of liquid soap is a better choice if soap scum is becoming a concern. Your shampoo is the next area of concern, and it might be responsible for changing the color of the grout in your shower. Your shampoo ingredient list should NOT include any dyes or artificial colorings.
  • Spray it Down- Even after completing the first two steps, there is bound to be some leftover scum or mildew after months of showering. To combat this, you should use a white vinegar spray once a week to remove mildew and the smells associated with it.
  • Extra Cleaning- You could try using a Mr.Clean Eraser in the shower if you have any exposed drywall in there. The sponge like eraser is great at removing stains and returning surfaces to their natural color.

Here at Levine & Sons, we are not in the cleaning business, but we ARE in the business of helping our clients! We can repair shower drains and showerheads and you can make sure our work shines with these cleaning tips. But if there are any plumbing issues that you run into along the way, we will be right there to assist the Metro Detroit area like always.

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