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3 Things You Need to Know About Sump Pumps

The Michigan area has received an unusual amount of precipitation this winter and basement floods have been popping up all over the Metro Detroit area. Some of them are unavoidable, and that is unfortunate. But what most homeowners don’t realize is that their sump pump could have saved them a lot of headache and a lot of money! What is a sump pump you ask? Here’s what you need to know»

What is a sump pump?
A sump pump is made for areas where the water table is unusually high and frequent floods threaten the basement of a home or business. The pump sits in a basin and collects water seeping through the foundation or entering your home in other ways. We would recommend a sump pump for the Metro Detroit area and fortunately, most homes already have some kind of pump built in.

What malfunctions can occur?
A sump pump usually needs to be replaced every ten to fifteen years, which seems to be the norm for a lot of plumbing equipment. Sump pumps are used to pumping controlled amounts of water, so when snow melt or heavy rain floods the basement, a pump can become overwhelmed and fail. These other issues might occurs as well:

  • If contaminated water gets into the pump, the debris can clog the impeller and the pump could fail.
  • The float activator arm (similar to the one on your toilet), can whether from corrosion and cause the motor to burn out. Eventually, this will happen to all sump pumps, but neglectful maintenance routines can cause it to happen prematurely.
  • A tripped circuit breaker or excessive water damage can cause electrical wirings to fail and burn out the motor. This will lead to more damage when flooding occurs.

Is a sump pump right for me?
Sump pumps are always good to have for protection against flood damage. Even if it’s not getting a ton of use, you’d be sorry if a flood did occur and you didn’t have one. Any home with a basement is better off with some kind of pump to remove water.

If you would like to have a pump installed, repaired or just want a checkup, give Levine & Sons a call. We have been repairing and installing pumps in the Metro Detroit area since 1927. You should call before the April showers hit– or you’ll need a life jacket!

To schedule service, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or click around on our website.


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