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Indoor Air Quality Tips for Spring

When allergy season strikes, your indoor air quality becomes that much more important. You’re going to be sneezing outside and bringing that pollen in with you, so keeping things as clean as possible is crucial. You can alter your filters, take moisture out of the air or add new air conditioners to help you this season. Here is what we suggest»

Throwaway Filters
These filters are cheap and easy to replace if that is the route you want to go. They typically cost anywhere from $3-$5 but they really aren’t the best option if you’re worried about indoor air quality. They quickly become clogged with dirt and debris and if you aren’t on top of it, dust mites and allergens will find their way into the air.

Media Filters
These filters are slightly more expensive than the throwaways but they’re actually more cost efficient. They only need to be replaced every six months and they are significantly better at trapping dust and allergens. The knock on these filters is that they sometimes make your unit work harder because they’re actually too good at trapping dust. Once it builds up, you need to be sure to change them out before they impact efficiency.

Electronic Filters
Electronic filters are the most expensive, most effective and best filters on the market. They don’t need to be replaced, you simply have to clean them monthly to maintain quality. They are amazing when it comes to trapping allergens and they actually help improve the efficiency of your unit. You just have to decide if it is the best option for you because of the higher initial cost.

Here at Levine & Sons, we care about your indoor quality throughout the heating and cooling seasons. When you choose our service, you are not going to get a company that only comes in to repair or replace when the time comes. We will go ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure you are happy with air quality and everything that comes with air conditioners.

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