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5 Tips to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Service

Last year you had a bad experience with a local HVAC contractor and now you’re looking for someone to help you out this cooling season. Unfortunately, this story is all too common for Michigan area homeowners and we here to listen. Levine & Sons has been in business since 1927 and you can’t have that kind of longevity if you are losing customers to other businesses. Bring your business to us and we promise you won’t regret it! 

Licensed and Insured
Just like anything else in life, you’re going to pay more for a service that is legit and established. Paying an inexperienced plumber is going to be easier on your wallet, but it can cause a lot headaches come inspection time. Our team is fully licensed and insured and we are going to get the job done right on the initial appointment!

Company History
After finding Levine & Sons in 1927, Louis Levine decided that he wanted his company to be part of Detroit area history. He came up with his Red Carpet Treatment that makes every client feel like a star and his teams commitment to customer service made them highly sought after in those early days. Over 80 years later, we still have that same Red Carpet Treatment and we have made a name for ourselves in the community.

Customer Reviews
“Really great experience. Tech was on time and very helpful. Most importantly though, he won my trust. In the end, I didn’t need to have work done and he was honest with me and didn’t try to sell unnecessary service or product. Thank you, I’ll be back next time I need a plumber.”

Fair & Honest Pricing
A big problem in our space is the bait and switch way of doing business. Companies will try to reel in customers by advertising low prices and deals and then upcharging for minor changes later on. Here at Levine & Sons, we don’t believe in that unethical way of doing business and the price is the price no matter what for us!

Assess Your Needs
Levine & Sons is not only the best air conditioning service in the Southfield area, we are also the best plumbing and heating service. We know this area like the back of our hands and that experience affords us the ability to assess damage and find solutions in a fraction of the time.

Are you convinced yet? If not, head over to our website and check out our services to see if they compare to your needs. We know you’re going to appreciate the attention to detail and professionalism that our team displays.

To schedule air conditioning service, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or click around on our website!


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