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Learning to Use Window Fans to Increase Cool

Looking to save money on cooling bills this Summer? Window fans use significantly less energy than air conditioners and for that reason, they cost less to operate. Most tough Summer days are going to require the use of an air conditioner, but for those moderate ones, a window fan should suffice– if you use it properly!

Can a Window Fan Help Me?

  • If you have a major problem with the temperature and ventilation in your home, a window fan is not for you. This is only to regulate slightly sweaty conditions!
  • If your window screens don’t fit tightly around your window fan, it’s not worth getting one. You’ll have all sorts of summer insects flying around your home by late June. No thanks!
  • In areas of high crime, a window fan is not recommended. Criminals use window fans as an entrance into your home because they are fairly easy to force in and out.

Placement is Key
Placing your window fans is a science that is crucial to lowering electricity bills in the dead heat of Summer. You’ll need to follow these tips to be successful:

  • You want to blow fans inward on the coolest sides of the house and outward on the sides with the most heat. This will help bring in cool air and suck out heat.
  • Point fans in the same direction that the wind is blowing!
  • On the first floor of your home, keep doors open and have a stream of air that flows from one window to the other. On the cooler side, place an inward blowing fan and on the warmer side place an outward blowing fan. This will create a cool air tunnel.
  • Don’t place an inward blowing fan in an office space. They’ll disrupt papers and make the day that much more annoying.

Cool Fan Hack
This amazing fan hack is perfect for people looking to save money on cooling. Try it when you’re slaving over a hot stove this summer:

  • Take a mixing bowl and fill it with ice.
  • Take a book or something sturdy and angle the bucket so it is facing upward.
  • Take a fan and place it so that half of the fan is blowing on the cold ice and the other half is blowing into the kitchen.
  • It will feel just like a makeshift air conditioner!

Like we said earlier, sometimes you are just going to need the air conditioner! Be sure to call Levine & Sons for your A/C Tune-Up this weekend so we can get it out of the way. You don’t want to experience issues in June or July.

To schedule an air conditioning appointment, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or click around on our website!

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