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5 Ways to Silence Spring Allergies

With only three weeks to go until Summer 2017, we are in full preparation mode here at Levine & Sons. We have been doing tune-ups all throughout the Metro Detroit area for weeks now and we notice all the sneezing and itchiness that our clients are experiencing. If you are one of the millions of allergy suffering people in the Detroit area, see if any of the following tips bring you relief»

Change Air Filters
Air filters play a critical role in air conditioner performance and they play an even bigger role in nasal freedom. The filter is your last line of defense between the dust and allergens that lie in your air conditioner and the air in your home. Changing these every 60-90 days on heating and cooling equipment is going to yield the best results.

Inspect Cleaning Equipment
Go into your cleaning cabinet and remove all of your floor, counter and window cleaners. Look to the ingredients label and look for the chemical known as FORMALDEHYDE. It’s not poisonous or anything, but if you’re experiencing unexpected allergy symptoms this Spring, it could be the way you’re cleaning.

Add a Dehumidifier
While you were running your furnace we told you that you needed to add some moisture to the air to restore balance. Well now that the air conditioners will be up and running, you need to add a dehumidifier to bring your air quality to an equilibrium. A moisture imbalance can cause dry eyes and congestion.

Allergen-Free Bedding
Believe it or not, your bed is the place where you spend the most time in your home and it is also the place where allergies often worsen. Your mattress can absorb certain dust mites and other allergens and if you only have a sheet over them, it is very easy to seep through. Head down to Wal-Mart and buy an allergen-free bed cover and see if you have some relief.

Air It Out
Once the sun goes down pollen counts usually go down with it. As the sun rises, so does the amount of pollen. Use this to your advantage and air out your home while pollen counts are low during the evening and lock them down during the morning hours.

An air conditioner that isn’t running efficiently is another major cause of allergy symptoms. There is no reason to go on like this. Our team at Levine & Sons can provide fast and effective service without breaking the bank– what more could you ask for?

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