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The Proper Way to Treat the American Flag

June 14th marks National Flag Day and while this isn’t a holiday that gets us off from work, it is an important holiday nonetheless! Our flag is a symbol of the sacrifices that millions of men and women have made for our freedom and they deserve our respect. On this special day, we wanted to take a break from the plumbing material and tell you how to care for the American Flag the right way»

The Right Way to Display

  • A flag should always be displayed with proper lighting. From sunrise to sunset, illumination is not required. After dusk, the flag should either be taken down and stored or illuminated with a spotlight.
  • The U.S Flag should ALWAYS be displayed above any other decorative flags on your home.
  • On Memorial Day or days of remembrance such as Pearl Harbor, the flag should remain at half staff during day time hours.
  • When a flag is being hung upside down, it should be suspended vertically with the stars to the east.
  • When displaying a flag in window or hung on your home, the star should always be to the left of the person in the street.

The Wrong Way to Handle a Flag

  • A flag should never touch the ground. Not for any reason or circumstance.
  • Flying a flag upside down is usually not a good idea. There is etiquette that makes it okay, but it should still only be done in emergency situations.
  • A flag should never be worn as clothing. People often think this makes them patriotic, but it is actually the exact opposite.
  • The flag is meant to be hung out of respect, NOT for decoration. If you want to decorate for patriotic holidays, use bunting with the stars on top and then red and white underneath.
  • Even if it might be slightly inconvenient, you should never tie a flag back or pin it to the wall. If it is being hung, it should be allowed to fall and flow freely.

If you have any more questions or concerns about displaying or storing the American flag, visit this website to clarify!

If you come down with any plumbing or cooling problems on this flag day, call Levine & Sons at 1-888-LEVINE1 or click around on our website!


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