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The 5 Best Water Conservation Ideas We’ve Ever Heard

Now that the kids are home from school and the house is under fire, water conservation is extremely important. Whether it be outside on the landscaping or inside with the plumbing, there are multiple areas to improve your routine. Check out some of the best ideas»

  • Water In the Morning- Watering your lawn before the sun reaches it’s peak is vital to water conservation and lawn health. As your sprinkler waters the grass, it is caught on the leaves and gravity brings it into the soil. If the temperature is too warm, that water will evaporate before it gets to the roots and you just wasted a heck of a lot of water.
  • Brush in the Shower- Brushing your teeth in the shower will change your life! Not only will it save 5-10 gallons of water per day, but it can cut a few minutes out of your morning routine. Most people will stay in the shower for 2-3 extra minutes for relaxation, but those people are suckers! Brush your teeth during that time and save money on heating and water costs.
  • Don’t Flush Wipes- The toilet is the biggest water guzzler in your home and a leak can be extremely costly. If you’d like proof that no wipe is truly ‘flushable’, just put a piece of toilet paper and a wipe into a bowl of water. The paper will eventually disintegrate, the wipe will break, but remain solid.
  • Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures- Over the last decade or so, plumbing engineers have really taken giant leaps. The average toilet in 1999 would use about 5-7 gallons per flush. In 2016, the low-flow models tend to use anywhere between 1.5-2.5 gallons. Showerheads keep the same pressure while using almost 30% less water per shower. It’s truly amazing and kitchen faucets have stayed right in line.
  • Collect Rain Water- This might seem a little silly, but it is actually easier than it looks. Just take a bucket or barrel and rest it strategically under your gutter. With the water you collect, water the plants in the garden. This will help save the planet and your hard earned dollars.

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