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What is Backflow Testing?

Water is the key to life, anyone who has taken a biology class before knows that. But as plumbers, we work with water in very unique ways and we come across issues that may or not be urgent all the time. One of the most urgent issues we could possibly find is backflow, and for that reason we urge all of our clients to test for it before an issue arises. Confused on backflow? Keep reading to learn more»

“I Have Never Even Heard of Backflow Testing”
Backflow really is exactly what it sounds like. It is when the normal flow of water into and out of your home becomes reversed and undrinkable water mixes with the tap. This can be dangerous for obvious reasons and it is actually caused by issues within your own home, not the municipal water system. It might be a result of a pressure decrease in your plumbing, a water main rupture or even leaving a hose in a dirty puddle. The only thing that is certain is that you need to have it eliminated before you drink contaminated water.

Backflow Testing in Detroit
With the situation in Flint, people across the nation started to take water sanitation more seriously. The Metro Detroit area was especially cautious and Levine & Sons knew that there was something we could do to help. We put our knowledge of plumbing to the test and started with this backflow testing as we saw the need for it increasing. Most homes are equipped with a backflow device that prevents these issues, but those devices need to be inspected and maintained to ensure quality. That is where we come in!

Common Issues with Backflow
Your backflow device should not have too many issues. The functionality is rather simple and when we come for testing, we’ll usually tell you that everything is good to go. But sometimes the minerals in the water, your water pressure and other outside factors can impede the performance of the device. If it is damaged, you’re going to have some potentially large problems on your hands.  

Here at Levine & Sons, we have truly seen it all. Our founder, Louis Levine, started this company in Metro Detroit over 85 years ago and we couldn’t think of a community we would rather serve. Next time we come over to clear a drain or repair a pipe, ask our technicians about our backflow testing services.

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