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The Funniest 4th of July Plumbing and Cooling Scenarios

The 4th of July is sort of a strange holiday. Most of the other major celebrations have religious origins, and the other American holidays have somewhat somber roots. The 4th of July is a party holiday, we all know that, and it has everyone super excited. But don’t let that excitement get the best of your plumbing and HVAC systems»

Fireworks Down the Sewer
The middle of the street neighborhood fireworks are an american pastime, but are they bad for your plumbing? Not necessarily, but if you handle them recklessly, it could get sticky in your sewer. Don’t let the hasty person handle the cleaning because they’ll likely try and cut corners and brush the debris into the storm drain. This can cause municipal sewer clogs and pollution issues at the local water plant.

The Life of the Party Made a Boo-Boo
We all have that friend that parties a little too hard and it is best to keep an eye on them– especially if the party is at your place. When they take their stumbles into the bathroom, they might pull too hard on the faucet or over-flush the toilet and cause leaks that you’ll be paying for. Maybe when they decide to drain their systems, it might be best to wait outside the door and make sure they’re not struggling too hard.

The Sprinkler Broke the Spigot
If you don’t own a pool, you’ll likely set up some kind of sprinkler system for the kids to play with in the yard. We don’t blame you, nobody wants to deal with kids while they’re trying to enjoy a beautiful Summer day. But if you become too hands off, they might try to push their limits and drag the sprinkler further away from the spigot and rip the hose or break the hardware completely. If the latter happens, our talented Levine & Sons plumbers will be right there on the job!

It Was So Hot You Broke the A/C
This is probably our most frequent emergency call on the 4th of July or the days following it. People are under the assumption that turning their A/C to lower temperature is going to make the air blow faster. In reality, it only makes the unit work harder, and if the temperature outside is extremely hot, it will cause the unit to overheat and do an emergency shutdown. Keep it at 67-70°F and use fans to circulate the air if you are getting too hot.

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