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My Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

Once we get into late July in the Detroit area, 90°F days become the norm and our air conditioners seem to run 24 hours a day. While this is not optimal for our costs, some things are unavoidable and we want to make sure we are getting bang for our buck. An air conditioner that is blowing warm air wouldn’t fit this bill, so you need to pay attention when those registers start blowing unsatisfying air. Here are three possible causes»

Misconfigured Thermostat
At least half of the people who call saying they have warm air coming from their registers are simply just misconfiguring their thermostat. Here are some common blunders we see:

  • Make sure your unit isn’t accidentally set to ‘HEAT.’
  • If the unit is set to ’ON’ and not ‘AUTO’ it will still blow air even if the temperature in the room has been reached. Try lowering the temperature and see if the unit will blow colder air.
  • COOL and AUTO is what you want your unit set to.

Central A/C Has a Clog
Your central air conditioner uses both indoor and outdoor components to bring cool air into your home. For it to work properly, the air that flows between the indoor and outdoor units must be free flowing and unrestricted. If the air is blocked from the outdoor condenser coils, the air that is passed indoors will come out warm. Make sure your outdoor unit is free of debris like grass clippings, vines and pests.

Electrical Issues
The power to your outdoor unit can become tripped and this will cause the indoor fan to simply blow air without any conditioning. Here are two areas to check for electrical issues:

  • See if the breaker outside got tripped.
  • Look at your emergency shutdown switch which is likely located in the wall. Make sure it is in the ‘ON’ position.

If your unit is blowing warm air, it is coming up short of doing it’s job. Before you call in your Levine & Sons professional, try these DIY solutions first to save yourself some coin. We are always looking out for our customers best interest!

To schedule a more serious HVAC repair, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or click around on our website!

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