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Central A/C vs Window Units: What Is Better?

Like most of the questions we post to our blog; this answer is multifaceted. Window units might be better for homeowners in certain situations and central air might be better in others. In the Detroit area, both options could be beneficial depending on the size of your home and what you are looking to spend. Keep reading to learn more»


Central Air Is Usually More Efficient
If you live in a more humid climate, your answer to this question is almost always going to be central air. These systems are known for their ability to maintain indoor air quality while removing moisture and humidity from the air. Aside from their effectiveness, they are also more energy efficient in most families cases because instead of multiple units being powered, only one needs to be! Dry climates in the midwest might have a different answer to this question though…

Window Units Make Sense If….

  • These make sense for people who only intend on being in a home for a short period of time and don’t have the capital to invest in a central air system.
  • They are more cost effective for one or two bedroom houses.
  • If you can survive with one in the living area and one in the bedroom, you are going to save money on installation and the purchase of the unit.
  • These units are easier to maintain as well and changing filters is super easy.

Insulation Plays a Key Role
Having a large window or wall air conditioner on each floor of your home can get the job done if you have proper insulation. Make sure the following areas are sealed up tight if you are going to go with a smaller cooling unit:

  • If the air conditioner is going in a window or wall, make sure that area is fortified so no air leaks through. Most come with covers but you should double down and reinforce what is already there.
  • The attic is the hottest part of your home and you want to make sure that heat radiating through your roof doesn’t make it into your living room. Seal it up!
  • Seal cracks in windows and doors with caulk for an efficient cooling experience.

If you have an old air conditioner that is failing you this late in the Summer, it might be best to purchase a new one now to cross it off your list. Have it get some practice this Summer so that it is set for 2018. Once you find the one you like best, call Levine and we’ll have it installed for you in no time.

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